Projects undertaken by Link Economics include:



  • Expert Report for Trustpower on Fibre Access Regulation, submitted to the Commerce Commission.
  • Advice and support to ActewAGL on regulatory issues in relation to water, electricity and gas including financial modelling and drafting of submissions
  • Provision of expert economic analysis for Two Degrees Mobile on Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) regulation, including pricing principles, quantification of the competition benefits of MTR regulation, international benchmarking, assessment of the overall welfare effects of regulation and the effects of on-net/off-net price discrimination.
  • Regulatory support to a several electricity distribution networks, including review of regulatory disclosures.
  • Support to the Bermuda Department of Telecommunications and the Bermuda Regulatory Authority in conjunction with Gabel Communications over a three-year period, including market definition analysis, identification of electronic communications markets most likely to require ex ante regulation, state of competition analysis for each electronic communications market, designation of dominant operators, determination of appropriate regulatory remedies including retail price caps, and development of radio-spectrum policy.
  • Assistance to Telstra Corporation in preparing its submission to the ACCC’s Final Access Determination Inquiry Consultation Paper on the Domestic Transmission Capacity Service
  • Preparation of expert reports for submission to the regulator in Papua New Guinea (NICTA) on whether retail regulation of mobile pricing was required in PNG.
  • Retained by BlueSky Samoa (SamoaTel) to prepare expert reports on market dominance, fixed and mobile termination rates and the review of cost models for submission to the Office of the Regulator in the context of an interconnection determination.
  • Preparation of an expert report on interconnection rates in the context of arbitration on interconnection prices in Tonga.


  • Analysis of airport landing charges for Freightways Limited and New Zealand Post.
  • Electricity distribution network price modelling for the Electricity Network Association (NZ).
  • Comparative analysis of methodologies used to allocate electricity distribution network costs by customer type and load group.
  • Preparing network pricing roadmaps for four electricity distribution networks
  • Preparation for Telstra Corporation of a report on wholesale broadband price comparisons.

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