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Dr A. Sathyendran (Sathy)

Dr A. Sathyendran

Dr A. Sathyendran (Sathy)

Sathy is a Cellular Communication Specialist with over twenty-five years’ experience in the cellular industry. He has provided advice on:

  • Spectrum Policy
  • Spectrum auctions
  • Cellular technologies, and
  • Technology strategies.

Sathy has extensive experience working with both mobile operators and as well as regulators.

Spectrum policy

He has advised Vodafone (now One New Zealand), 2degrees, Digicel (Pacific and Caribbean), Interim Māori Spectrum Commission and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Federated States of Micronesia on:

  • Spectrum allocation and renewal policies
  • Competition outcomes
  • Infrastructure rollout from spectrum allocation.

He has in depth knowledge of spectrum property rights, protection of spectrum property rights and compliance in a deregulated spectrum management regime.

Spectrum auctions

Sathy has significant experience in:

  • Auction methodologies e.g. combinatorial clock auctions, reverse auctions, multiple round ascending-bid auctions, tender, and beauty parade
  • Spectrum pricing
  • Spectrum caps and impact on competition
  • Development of business cases for auctions, and
  • Day to day running of auctions.

Sathy has worked on all the New Zealand spectrum auctions and renewals in the last twenty five years while at Vodafone and 2degrees. He has also advised Digicel (Pacific and Caribbean) and Interim Māori Spectrum Commission on a number of spectrum allocation and pricing issues.

Cellular Technologies

Sathy regularly provides expert advice on cellular technologies:

  • Part of the cellular industry panel of experts who provided recommendation on 5G frame structure to the Government.
  • Carried out interference modelling for 5G Government decision making.
  • Worked on a number of high profile court cases at Vodafone as a technology expert.
  • Provides technology advice on investment decision making and
  • Provides expert opinion for both civil and criminal court cases.

Technology strategy

Sathy has been heavily involved in setting technology strategy at 2degrees and Vodafone. His work at 2degrees contributed to 2degrees being recognised in 2021 as New Zealand’s Most Reliable 4G Network and Most Consistent 4G network by Ookla.

Sathy also played a significant in technology choices made during the roll out of the packet network and 3G at Vodafone.


University of Auckland:

  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (2000)
  • PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (1997)
  • Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (1st Class Honours) (1992).