Competition & Antitrust

We provide expert analysis for market reviews and conduct assessments. We also provide expert evidence on competition impacts of structural changes such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and changes in policy or regulatory settings.

We use established economic concepts, tests and tools to identify market boundaries (market definition), examine the extent of competition rivalry, assess the significance of structural or strategic barriers to entry and expansion, and determine how these would likely be affected by structural changes. Examples of market conduct that we have experience in assessing include price squeezes and predation, anticompetitive tying, strategies to raise rivals’ costs, and abuse of buyer power.

Link Economics’ consultants and associates have experience in assessing competition matters across a number of jurisdictions and legislative frameworks, including in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

Link Economics NZ

Competition & Antitrust projects completed by Link Economics

antitrust law nz

Competitive neutrality and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)

Competition impacts of a government-funded investment by a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), 2020 Link Economics and Castalia co-authored a report that...
antitrust law nz

Competition effects of a Sky-Vodafone merger

Expert reports on the competitive effects of a merger between Vodafone New Zealand and Sky Network Television, 2016-17 New Zealand’s...
antitrust law nz

Public benefits and detriments of spectrum sharing in regional Australia

Merger authorisation expert report on the public benefits and detriments of a proposed spectrum sharing arrangement by Telstra Corporation Limited...
infrastructure pricing nz

Postal network access pricing

Evaluation of the access pricing methodology for a new postal product, 2018 Postal network access prices in New Zealand have...
antitrust law nz

Expert witness statement for Interim Injunction in PNG

Expert witness statement for an Interim Injunction regarding Mobile Termination Charges in Papua New Guinea, 2011 The smaller mobile network...
antitrust law nz

Efficiency effects of collective bargaining by chicken growers

Expert report for an authorisation of collective bargaining by members of the New Zealand Tegel Growers Association, 2022 The New...
antitrust law nz

Economic perspectives on collaborative activity clearance process

Economic perspectives on the first clearance application for a collaborative activities exception to New Zealand’s cartel provisions, 2022 In 2022...
antitrust law nz

The Nature of Competition for Personal Banking Services, 2023

Expert report for Kiwibank’s cross-submission on the Commerce Commission’s Preliminary Issues Paper Kiwibank engaged Link Economics to consider certain aspects...

Other services we offer

Economic Regulation

Our experience with economic regulation includes providing expert reports on regulatory frameworks and access pricing, including the implementation of utility-style building-block models.

Infrastructure Pricing

Our work on infrastructure pricing has involved determining revenue requirements, deriving efficient price signals, modelling bill impacts and equity effects, and evaluating cost allocation methodologies.

Contact us today for expert economic guidance in infrastructure regulation, competition law, and pricing.

At Link Economics, we pride ourselves on our focus on quantitative economics that can be applied in practical commercial contexts. We use advanced economic and financial modeling techniques to provide clients with accurate and reliable guidance, and we are committed to presenting complex economic and financial concepts in a way that is accessible to a wide range of audiences.