Infrastructure Pricing

Our work on infrastructure pricing includes determining revenue requirements, designing efficient pricing structures and signals, and evaluating cost allocation methodologies.

We model bill impacts, equity effects and customer responses to price signals. Our work is used by infrastructure service providers to set prices and has also been used to inform policy decisions.

We draw on our knowledge of economic theory along with our applied commercial experience in the aviation, electricity, telecommunications, and water sectors to provide pragmatic advice that enables cost-recovery while achieving efficiency, environmental, and equity objectives.

Link Economics NZ

Infrastructure Pricing projects completed by Link Economics

infrastructure pricing nz

Cost allocation study for the Electricity Networks Association

Review of cost allocation methodologies in New Zealand, Australia and the UK for the Electricity Networks Association (ENA), 2019 The...
infrastructure pricing nz

Postal network access pricing

Evaluation of the access pricing methodology for a new postal product, 2018 Postal network access prices in New Zealand have...
economic regulation nz

Pricing methodology regulatory disclosures for electricity networks

Preparing electricity distribution pricing methodology and pricing roadmap regulatory disclosures, 2019 Electricity networks in New Zealand must disclose a pricing...
infrastructure pricing nz

Consumer electricity bill impact assessment

Analysis for the Electricity Networks Association of the bill impact of distribution pricing reform on consumers, 2019-2020 The NZ Government...
infrastructure pricing nz

Estimation of Long Run Marginal Cost

Long Run Marginal Cost estimation for an electricity distributor, 2022-23 The Electricity Authority has encouraged electricity distribution businesses in New...
infrastructure pricing nz

Review of airport landing fees

Evaluation for Freightways and New Zealand Post of aeronautical pricing proposals by Christchurch International Airport (2022) and Palmerston North Airport...
infrastructure pricing nz

International comparisons of wholesale broadband prices

Preparation for Telstra Corporation of international comparisons of wholesale broadband prices, Australia, 2019-2022 In 2019, Telstra engaged Link Economics to...

Other services we offer

Economic Regulation

Our experience with economic regulation includes providing expert reports on regulatory frameworks and access pricing, including the implementation of utility-style building-block models.

Competition & Antitrust

Our team’s experience includes preparing expert evidence that is submitted to competition authorities in the context of clearance and authorisation applications, is used in market studies and other sector reviews.

Contact us today for expert economic guidance in infrastructure regulation, competition law, and pricing.

At Link Economics, we pride ourselves on our focus on quantitative economics that can be applied in practical commercial contexts. We use advanced economic and financial modeling techniques to provide clients with accurate and reliable guidance, and we are committed to presenting complex economic and financial concepts in a way that is accessible to a wide range of audiences.